Getting Started With Cooking Equipment

If you are just starting your venture into Mexican cookery, it is quite interesting to take note that Mexican food has always been evolving. From the first staples which were beans and corn, new spices and ingredients have continuously been added for over 600 years now – making the Mexican food we know today a gastronomical treat.

It is also important to know that authentic-tasting Mexican cooking is within your reach. The Internet offers thousands of recipes and cooking techniques that any novice cook can follow. Similarly, groceries and supermarkets have most of the ingredients you will need to start concocting mouth-watering meals today, like onions, Mexican chocolates, chorizo, and tortilla among others.

But do you know what can further bring out the rich flavor of Mexican dishes?

The answer lies on the cooking equipment.

Cooking Equipment Showcase

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the kind of equipment and utensils you can use to come up with that interesting meal centerpiece today.

o Cazuela (Mexican Pottery Dish)

A cazuela is a large but shallow clay dish. It is brightly colored outside and glazed inside. More often than not, it is rounded like a bowl and is about more or less seven inches deep. It usually has handles for better use over fire. This clay dish is good for simmering mole and other sauces because the clay heats evenly and thus, helps in avoiding burnt spots. The clay serves as flavoring to the meal as well.

o Olla or Barro (Mexican Pottery Pot)

An olla, which means “pot,” is a large and deep clay pot especially designed for simmering stews, soups, and beans. Barro, which literally means “mud” and generally “clay,” is ideal if you would like to cook over a direct flame the whole day. Besides imparting an earthly flavor to the dish, the clay is delicate and responsive to rapid temperature changes.

o Comal (Grill)

A comal is a large and round grill. Its size can range from a big dinner plate to two feet in diameter. It is often made of aluminum, cast iron or clay, but the modern versions are usually non-stick. It is ideal for warming tortillas and roasting vegetables and chilies.