It’s Time for a Spring Clean

  • 1 in 7 takeaways in the UK fails its food safety auditor inspection.
  • Only 9% of customers ignore a low food hygiene score, although they are more careful about what they order.
  • 42% of customers refuse to visit an establishment that has been implicated in a food safety issue.

    food safety

If, thanks to winter weather and a desire not to get cold or wet cleaning tasks in and around your business premises have been postponed then you must act now to spring clean and complete your own food hygiene audit.

If you don’t take immediate action you may discover your errors courtesy of the Food Standards Agency/local authority food safety auditor or through a food hygiene incident.

There are approximately 15 million rats in the UK. Don’t let even one of them use a pile of crumbs or a stack of boxes as a convenient food supply or new home.

If you don’t ensure that all health and safety auditing points are addressed how can you, as a business owner or manager, be certain that your lack of effort hasn’t opened the door to furry and flying food hygiene issues?

If you are confident in your own knowledge base and practices are you as secure in the abilities and adherence to legislation from every employee at your firm?

From inductees to trainees to chefs and supervisors your team members all have a vital role in the maintenance of the premises cleanliness and hygiene levels.

If you have any reservations, please make a small investment that can make a vast difference to your business’ fortunes and food safety auditor visit results. Take advantage of health and safety training and food hygiene training for each member of your team.

Remember, legislation is constantly changing so a course taken three years ago, may not guarantee that a staff member is compliant today.

Are you happy to let the food safety auditor be the one to alert you to a flaw in procedures?

Do you want to them to instruct you to adopt one of the legislation meeting food safety management systems or would you prefer to be proactive?

Specialist firms like Food Alert in London offer accredited courses for all employee levels.

The CIEH level 2 food safety course examines food hygiene at a practical level. The qualification equates to GCSE grades A* to C.

  • Legislation
  • Food safety.
  • Food premises.
  • Cleaning
  • Equipment
  • Food hygiene hazards.
  • Food handling.
  • Safe food storage.
  • Temperature control.
  • Refrigeration, chilling and cold holding.
  • Cooking, hot holding and reheating.

The CIEH Level 3 food safety training is aimed at supervisors, team leaders and owners. This equates to AS/A level.

  • Legislation
  • Workplace and equipment design.
  • Waste disposal, cleaning and disinfection.
  • Pest control.
  • Personal hygiene.
  • Applying and monitoring good food hygiene practices.
  • Temperature control.
  • Contributions to staff training.
  • Implementation of food safety management systems.
  • The HACCP system.
  • Food legislation and supervisory management.

Don’t take any risks. Spring clean, train staff and ensure that you pass health and safety auditing.

Outdoor Cooking Equipment

Some people just love eating and some people just love cooking; but when it comes to cooking and eating outside most people say, hey, I love it.

So lets get to it.  Summer will soon be upon us and the outdoor season beckons. Its now the ideal time to think about those barbecues you’ll be having. Whether those meals will be on the patio or in the outback its now the time to ensure that you’ve got all your outdoor cooking equipment to hand and that you’ve got a good idea about how best to go about things.

There’s many that will argue, including me, that nothing tastes better than food cooked outdoors! Don’t you just love the aroma when cooking outdoors, the smells seems to just waft around as the food cooks and this makes everyone hungry. How is it that the food cooked outdoors always seems to smell so much nicer than when its cooked indoors?

Cooking outdoors comes in many guises. You and your family may prefer to use wood or charcoal because of those wonderful flavors that come from the charcoal and the smoke; or, you may prefer the cleanliness, control and  convenience of cooking with propane gas.  Whatever you prefer the market is now awash with great outdoor cooking equipment to make your cooking experience enjoyable and the results fabulous.

Now when it comes to choosing your outdoor cooking equipment a little thought is necessary as you can easily miss a trick or two and fall short when the time comes to perform!  So, here are 20 great tips to help you make the right decisions when planning this season’s outdoor cooking:

  1. Firstly you must decide will it be gas or charcoal; don’t fudge this one as its important; if you want ease and convenience go for gas grills; if you don’t mind a little extra trouble & time and your family loves the flavors that are picked up from the smoke then go for charcoal;
  2. If you go for charcoal always start the fire naturally, never use lighter fuels; let me say that again, never use lighter fuels! Why? Because no matter how long it is before you bring your food to the grill you’ll pick up those chemical smells…Yuk!;
  3. Ask yourself, are you making an investment for the future of just for the coming summer season; because thats how long cheap ‘stuff’ is going to last!  I recommend making an investment in the future, therefore go for quality; as you know in your heart, you pay for what you get! Don’t go cheap if you can afford better; for example: stainless steel looks better and lasts longer than aluminum and cleans up much better and easier; although it has to be said heat distributes more evenly and quickly with aluminum so the arguments are not always so clear cut; portable pick up and go grills are going to be great for tailgating and impromtu stops but they’ll be a disappointment on the patio when cooking for a group of  friends & family;
  4. There are many styles & sizes of outdoor grills, picking the right one to meet your needs and of course your budget is important, but remember that quality counts; you don’t want to be regretting your purchase half way through the summer! Go for the best you can.
  5. Think about where you’re going to be doing your cooking and buy your kit appropriately. Ask yourself, will we be cooking on the patio, or will you be tailgating or then again will we be going outback; this makes a big difference to your choice of kit; indeed you may decide that you need quite separate cooking equipment for the patio as opposed to when you’re getting out and about. Gas grills are heavier and bulkier than charcoal, on the patio that’s a bonus in the outback its a chore; gas grills cook quicker than the charcoal grills; some people hate gas grills by comparison because they love the flavors that wood bestows; gas grills are more expensive than charcoal ones etc. etc.
  6. Decide what style of cooking best suits you because the kit you’ll need will change with your preferred style of cooking. If you’re into Jambalaya cooking then you should buy Jambalaya pots, if your going to be frying whole turkeys then a turkey fryer kit will be ideal; do you prefer cast iron stove ware for cooking, Dutch ovens are great for simple outdoor cooking or do you prefer open grills;? The questions go on and on and only you know what the family are going to prefer. Its not as hard to think things through as you might think,  I suggest that you go to a store that sells the full range of equipment and ask yourself what’s going to work best for us?
  7. When cooking with propane check the level of gas in the cylinder and whenever possible have a second one in reserve. There’s nothing worse with friends and family hovering, the meal is half ready and the gas goes out!!! If you’ve a replacement, no problem, but if  you’ve not, just how bad can things get?
  8. Don’t forget basic safety advice when cooking outdoors; remember salmonella is just as happy and active outdoors as it is inside. So what to do? Keep those fresh meat  plates and your cooking utensils away from any plates and cooking utensils that you’ll be using for eating off. Yes i know its obvious but this is important and its easily forgotten especially by the kids if they take a hand;
  9. Will you betaking your cooking kit out in the outback or to the beach where there are safety regulations preventing the use of certain cooking methods; how annoying is it to arrive and then find your kit isn’t appropriate. And don’t think you’ll be okay they’ll never know. have you seen the recent damage that’s been caused by fires that get out of control; think safety first. Its important to remember that usually you find restrictions at picnic areas and on beaches & camping zones;
  10. When you find a great recipe that cooks well outside share it with family; especially the simple tips that made it work out so well. Many people are apprehensive about cooking out doors and even when they do they make simple errors that you could help them avoid making. Simple tips need passing on;
  11. Never pierce food on a BBQ or the juices will run out and it will dry out very quickly: most people who say they don’t like BBQs do so because they hate dried out tasteless food that so often arises from a smoldering BBQ
  12. Never cook meat too long as again it dries out
  13. Always make sure that meat is fully defrosted before starting cooking on your grill, not only is this dangerous to your health but the food will burn on the outside before you’ve cooked it in the inside!
  14. Try to cook slower rather than faster when cooking outdoors, except with you steaks of course, they need searing and a minimum of time is preferred for however well you like them cooked; [yes I know this goes against what conventional wisdom says and your desire to tuck ij but the rewards of slower cooked foods great exceed the extra time it takes; believe me
  15. Always let your meat rest after cooking without cutting it up. This allows the juices to settle and the full flavor to come out, it also means all the juices don’t run away across the serving plate; 7-10 minutes is all you need to wait and whilst the time is short the difference in flavor can be huge; try it.
  16. Try marinating your meats before barbecuing, and remember, the longer the better, overnight if you can. If you do the flavors of your cooking will be greatly enhanced and your friends will marvel;
  17. If you use a grill with a lid, keep it closed as much as possible. This improves the consistency of cooking due to the retention of the heat which otherwise is lost each time you open the grill; stop worrying and go and have a chat;
  18. Try some of the many free recipes you’ll find online; there are so many and some are really good. Don’t get hooked on complication though; keeping things simple and experiment are the keys. But equally don’t get into the ideas of those that say quick and easy is best go for things that cook quickly! NO. Marinades are simple and add tremendous flavor, cook slower than quickly and you’ll retain more flavors;
  19. Try out Dutch cooking; its easy and straightforward and the flavors are great; look for Dutch cooking recipes on the web;
  20. Keep your outdoor cooking fun; share the joy of the cooking with friends & family. Try to get the kids involved; if you do you’ll develop in them a lifetime passion for cooking, which is often hard to do in the kitchen. Better still you’ll have a laugh and if you involve your friends you’ll start appreciate them in totally different ways than before; its like a new way of bonding. You’ll start to see them in a totally different light…… interesting! … Oh, just one quick point, but take care the opposite can work out too.

Getting Started With Cooking Equipment

If you are just starting your venture into Mexican cookery, it is quite interesting to take note that Mexican food has always been evolving. From the first staples which were beans and corn, new spices and ingredients have continuously been added for over 600 years now – making the Mexican food we know today a gastronomical treat.

It is also important to know that authentic-tasting Mexican cooking is within your reach. The Internet offers thousands of recipes and cooking techniques that any novice cook can follow. Similarly, groceries and supermarkets have most of the ingredients you will need to start concocting mouth-watering meals today, like onions, Mexican chocolates, chorizo, and tortilla among others.

But do you know what can further bring out the rich flavor of Mexican dishes?

The answer lies on the cooking equipment.

Cooking Equipment Showcase

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the kind of equipment and utensils you can use to come up with that interesting meal centerpiece today.

o Cazuela (Mexican Pottery Dish)

A cazuela is a large but shallow clay dish. It is brightly colored outside and glazed inside. More often than not, it is rounded like a bowl and is about more or less seven inches deep. It usually has handles for better use over fire. This clay dish is good for simmering mole and other sauces because the clay heats evenly and thus, helps in avoiding burnt spots. The clay serves as flavoring to the meal as well.

o Olla or Barro (Mexican Pottery Pot)

An olla, which means “pot,” is a large and deep clay pot especially designed for simmering stews, soups, and beans. Barro, which literally means “mud” and generally “clay,” is ideal if you would like to cook over a direct flame the whole day. Besides imparting an earthly flavor to the dish, the clay is delicate and responsive to rapid temperature changes.

o Comal (Grill)

A comal is a large and round grill. Its size can range from a big dinner plate to two feet in diameter. It is often made of aluminum, cast iron or clay, but the modern versions are usually non-stick. It is ideal for warming tortillas and roasting vegetables and chilies.

The Latest Commercial Kitchen Equipment

One of the tests of a good chef is a person who can cook fish properly and produce good sauce. In many great restaurants young chefs are put onto one or other of those two applications for long enough periods until they get it absolutely right. A good sous chef is not always easy to come by and neither is one who can take the fruits of the sea and present to the customer seafood cooked to exactly the correct texture.

On ocean-going yachts there are two types of chef. There is the chef who just about understands which end of a can opener to use and then there is the chef who can prepare on his gravity controlled gas hob a fabulous fresh sea food dish with sauce and manage this all through a force 6 sea.

Many years ago in the Royal Navy a competition was held once a year to see which ship had the best set of chefs. The judge one year was an old sea Captain with nearly three decades of worldwide sailing under his belt. The winning ship was a small minesweeper with just one chef. The disgruntled twenty chefs of a large aircraft carrier wanted to know why their fabulous baron of beef cooked to perfection had not won the prize.

The old Captain told them that despite having the latest and best commercial kitchen equipment in the fleet and despite producing the best presented meal they had made the fatal mistake of removing the delicious beef from the huge steel oven and pouring the juices away!

The very latest and best kitchen equipment is found aboard all modern ships whether war ships or cruise liners. For professional crews who may be topside all shift in inclement weather, coming below decks to a warm galley to eat good piping hot food is an essential part of the day.

Modern kitchen equipment on large liners are designed by specialist companies which have to take into account everything from huge fast volumes of food sometimes being served in 24 hour restaurants, down to the complexities of things like ships-roll in heavy seas.

The latest biggest cruise liner recently launched has to cater for six and a half thousand passengers and three and a half thousand crew and entertainers. The commercial kitchen equipment is totally state of the art in the nine different restaurants.

It is a fact that people on a cruise eat more than they do at home. These modern cruise liners have to take on board phenomenal amounts of food and drink before a ten-day cruise. If the ship happens to have an itinerary which means calling at different places over a ten or fourteen day cruise then sometimes extra local victuals are bought on board. This may add a little to the variety but when profits are king the poor Purser has a huge responsibility in getting the stores quota just right with minimum wastage on these sea voyages.

Choose The Best Commercial Kitchen Equipment For Your Restaurant Business

A glasswasher will save you a lot of time and energy if you own or run a catering business or a restaurant or bar. It will conveniently clean a large amount of glasses and glassware in one cycle. It will also ensure that your glasses are thoroughly clean with no smudges or marks that can put off your customer. They also ensure that you constantly have enough glasses even when your establishment is very busy and at peak times so that you will not run out of glasses or have to purchase new glasses when you are hosting a function or have a high number of customers.

Depending on the space you have in your business and how much glassware you will need to wash at any given period of time, you need to chooses a washer that will serve your needs perfectly and conveniently. If you expect to wash many glasses, you can pick a washer with a high capacity such as 18 pint washer or a 30 pint washer. If you have little space in your kitchen, then it is probably wise to get a small commercial washer that has a 12 pint capacity or one that can go on your tabletop if you have more space on your counter rather than under the counter. If you have adequate space you can get one that can fit under the counter and these tend to typically have a larger capacity as compared to countertop washers. Depending on the kind of business you have, choose a washer that either has a quick washing cycle with a small capacity or a large capacity washer where you wash plenty of glasses with one cycle. The washer you pick will depend on the needs of your establishment.

Get your washer installed correctly by professional engineers. This is so that they will set your washer at the correct levels to ensure that it is running smoothly and to avoid any breakages or your washer breaking down after a short period because of incorrect usage. Buy a glasswasher that has a warranty and is from a well known brand so that you are sure of the quality of the washer and if it should break own within the warranty period, then you can get it fixed or replaced at no additional cost. Well known long lasting brands include DC, Adler and Kromo.

Other commercial kitchen equipment you should invest in for safety reasons and convenience is a dishwasher that is suited for commercial purposes. This type of dishwasher is more industrial and will be able to handle a larger dish load than a household washer. You can choose between a high temperature and low temperature dishwasher or glasswasher depending on what your needs and preferences are. High temperature washers will ensure that the grease is removed totally, you don’t need to use chemicals to wash and sanitize the glasses as the hot water does that. For low temperature dishwashers you will need to add a chemical based detergent for sanitation purposes

Cook Quinoa With Some Very Easy-To-Follow Quinoa Recipes

Quinoa is fast becoming very popular in both the health and weight-loss worlds, so we thought we would suggest a few very easy-to-follow quinoa recipes that make your meal times that little bit tastier than simply boiling the rice grain. Cooking quinoa is very easy, hope you enjoy these and they at least give you some inspiration as to what you can do with this new super food and how to cook quinoa properly.

Quinoa recipes: No.1: Breakfast porridge.


2 cups quinoa, ½ pint water (or milk), a handful of sliced or crushed almonds, honey or jam.


The first things you need to do are wash and rinse the quinoa grain to remove all debris and coating on the seed. Place in a pan of water (can also try boiling it in milk for extra flavour) and bring to the boil, turn down the heat and gently simmer for 20-30 minutes stirring occasionally. Transfer to a serving dish and add a few almonds (either crushed or sliced) and serve with honey or jam.

Quinoa recipes No. 2: Quinoa Paella.

Ingredients: For 2-4 servings

2 cups of quinoa, one red onion (chopped), two (crushed) garlic cloves, 1-2 teaspoons of Saffron (preferably pre-soaked in warm water), 3 cups vegetable broth, one (chopped or sliced) red and green peppers, 1 cup green peas, 1 lime, salt and pepper and finally olive oil.


Warm through some olive oil in an average size pan and throw in both the chopped onions and the crushed garlic. Add both green and red chopped peppers and continue to stir. When these ingredients start to soften then add the quinoa rice and fry for a couple of minutes. Next add the green peas and the soaked saffron to the mix, and finally the vegetable broth. Bring to the boil then turn down the heat and gently simmer for approx 15 minutes. Transfer onto serving bowls and serve with a wedge of lime.

Quinoa recipes No. 3: Quinoa veggie soup.


1 cup quinoa, vegetable broth 5 cups, 3 cups water, 5-10 sliced mushrooms, 2 large plum tomatoes (chopped), 1 carrot (diced), 1 stick of celery (diced), 1 finely chopped onion, 2 crushed garlic cloves, 1 green pepper (chopped and seeded), small head of cabbage (chopped), vegetable oil, small bunch parsley, salt and pepper.


Warm through the vegetable oil in a medium-sized pot, add the following contents: quinoa, diced celery, mushrooms, diced carrot, chopped onions, chopped peppers and crushed garlic. Fry for a couple of minutes until they begin to soften, then add the vegetable broth, chopped tomatoes, chopped cabbage head and water. Bring all the ingredients to the boil and then turn down the heat and simmer for approx 15 minutes. Add a pinch of salt and pepper for flavour and then serve. Garnish with parsley for visual effect. Serves 2-4 persons.

Quinoa recipes No. 4: Vegetarian Quinoa Recipe.


2 cups of water, 1 teaspoon of sesame oil (preferably un-toasted) if not then you can simply use olive oil, 1 cup quinoa grain (please use a dry measure of grain after you have been through the wash and rinse process) a pinch of sea salt, 5 medium-sized mushrooms (sliced ), 1 large yellow pepper (diced ), 4 chopped bok choy leaves, 1 clove of crushed ginger,1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil, 1 lime (zest and juiced) 2 Tablespoons tamari (or soy sauce)


Add the 2 cups of water to the dried quinoa grain and a pinch of sea salt, bring to the boil and then simmer for 20-30 minutes. Whilst you’re cooking quinoa there is no need to stir it. You will know when it is cooked correctly as you will visibly see the translucent centre of the grain as well as the swirl pattern on the grain itself. Heat another medium-sized pan and pour in the sesame oil (un-toasted) and the sliced mushrooms, cook until soft. Next add the diced yellow pepper and stir together with the mushrooms and again cook until they become softer. Add the bok choy leaves to the mix and cook further until the green parts of the leaves begin to wilt, then add the lime zest together with the crushed ginger and a pinch of sea salt to flavour and stir all contents taking care not to make everything mushy. Finally, transfer the cooked quinoa from the first pan into the cooked vegetables and add the tamari, lime juice and sesame oil continuing to stir ingredients.

There are many different types of meals you can do with quinoa, it is great for breakfast recipes, snacks, lunch meals and main dinners, it really is that versatile and can be mixed with almost any other ingredient that you would associate with a normal rice dish.

Simple Strategies To Start Cooking Delicious Family Meals Today

The whole “learn how to cook” concept can be hugely daunting for first timers, whether or not you simply haven’t been interested in cooking until recently, or perhaps you haven’t had the confidence to start. Maybe you are just sick of take-out food and want to start creating healthy and delicious family meals. It’s never too late to learn how to cook.

What’s great about cooking your own family meals?

– It offers you the flexibility to create and then also enjoy what you want to eat, whenever you want to eat it
– It enables you to pick and choose nutritious recipes and ingredients, which means it is typically a much healthier option compared to most take-out choices
– Quite often, there will be yummy leftovers to devour the next day
– In many instances it is less expensive than take-out
– It can be a creative outlet for many people and actually quite fun and relaxing as well
– You get to see the excitement of your family when they discover you have cooked a delicious meal for them

Where to start?

1. The first step will be to choose some good easy recipes. Begin with a cookbook or even visit an online cooking and recipe internet-site or simply ask your friends and family for a handful of their proven, best recipes. You could also watch a cooking show where you can view the cooking being demonstrated (however in the event you do this, always make sure that you write down the ingredients and the steps)

2. Start off with a simple and easy recipe incorporating only a few ingredients. Seek out something that looks delicious to you and one where you can recognize all the ingredients. Make sure that you understand the cooking terminology used in the recipe and whenever you don’t have an understanding of it then find out prior to starting cooking or choose something else.

Get ready for your cooking

3. When you have chosen your recipe, it’s time to get prepared. You’ll want to make sure you have the basic cooking equipment needed to create your meal. At a minimum, make sure you have; a good-sized frying pan, a big and a small saucepan, a roasting pan, a ceramic baking dish and furthermore, several decent chopping kitchen knives, measuring cup, tongs, wooden spoons and a spatula. I am a huge believer in using high quality cooking tools if possible. Pay for the best products that you can afford given as they are more likely to endure the test of time and it’ll make cooking less of a challenge. If a recipe needs much more than these practical items mentioned, you may have selected a recipe that’s somewhat too tricky for a novice so in this case, choose another simpler recipe.

4. Next up should be to head to the supermarket or market to shop for the ingredients in your recipe. Attempt to choose the freshest meats and produce that you can get. Once you have the required cookware as well as the necessary ingredients, it’s time to begin cooking.

The Cooking Process

5. Make sure to allow yourself lots of time to prepare your recipe and give some prior thought to the preparing and cooking time. For instance it won’t be good if you have to dash out for an appointment whilst the food is cooking in the oven!

6. Prior to starting the cooking process, you really should start preparing the ingredients as they are mentioned in the recipe. As an example, if it says finely sliced bacon, chop the bacon into really small bits and place it in a plate all set for cooking and do any measuring of ingredients in advance. Prepare all elements from your recipe in advance.

7. It is time to start cooking. Keep to the recipe and make sure you use a timer if it calls for cooking for specific periods of time.

Once you’ve completed cooking, it’s time to enjoy your creation. Try to remember that recipes don’t always work out the first-time and occasionally your version at home is not going to be exactly like the picture in your cookbook. A few recipes that you make might need to have some fine-tuning so if you happen to cook a recipe and it doesn’t quite work out yet you loved the food, create some notes on your recipe to make slight improvements for next time. With cooking, just like everything else, practise make perfect.

Start out with easy recipes and as soon as your self-confidence and skills develop, start to experiment. Every cook has disappointments therefore don’t be put off if a few things don’t work out. Keep on trying and you will get there. The most vital thing is always to enjoy yourself. What’s the worst that can happen? It doesn’t work out and you have to get takeout, that’s what. Or maybe, you could possibly surprise yourself and your friends and family and create an absolutely great tasting dish.

There are plenty of good reasons why you should learn how to cook. If you search around, you will come across a myriad of beginner recipes out there to get you started. Happy cooking!

Healthy Food Recipes For Diabetics

It is commonly misconceived that when you are suffering from diabetes you should be wholly dependent on a strict diet including fruits and vegetables which is not necessary. However, the diabetics are bound to be careful on what they should eat and what they shouldn’t. In spite of this restriction we have a good many alternative healthy food recipes for diabetics.

Chicken Breasts – Dinner

Marinade Skinless chicken breasts in Italian dressing can be preserved in your fridge fresh for about eight to ten hours. As soon as you step in for cooking you should apply your favorite herb mix, bread crumbs, and parmesan cheese. Place them in the oven for about 30 to 35 minutes above 300 degrees. Make it sure that your chicken is cooked well to ensure a healthy diabetic food recipe before putting off the oven. If it is OK, you can serve it with fresh side dish, probably your favorite salad or even steamed vegetables.

Spanish Egg Roll – Lunch

Among many of the healthy food recipes that are preferred by diabetics, Spanish egg roll is another one. It is very simple that can be prepared at home in varied tastes. You have to scramble some eggs in the way you usually do, and add in some onion and diced peppers to your taste. After this, just adding some grated cheese at the top of the scramble, and spooning can give you a tortilla wrap. It can be rolled up to have a delicious, tasty, and funky recipe. It is also a healthy lunch that can be enjoyed by the family as a whole.

Raw food recipes – Breakfast

Another one of the healthy food recipes for diabetics you can make for breakfast at home is raw fruit cereal. Simply by using natural grains, and small cut pieces of your favorite fruits with nuts added to milk or mere water, you will get dramatically a delicious recipe. It’s so simple and economic to cater your need. You can have such raw recipes preferably to substitute your regular food when you are in any journey near around. In case you cannot have specific fruit to your taste, you need not get back as you can add any fruits that are available at your reach.

If you browse online you will find many of such food recipes for diabetics. Just being diagnosed with diabetes does not imply that you stay locked to specific diabetic foods but you have lots of healthy food recipes serving to control blood sugar.

Essential Facts About Healthy Food Recipes

Healthy lifestyle is indeed what you need. A nutritious balance in planning of your meal is important. You want to be satisfied of the kind of foods you want to prepare wherein you will be able to achieve the nutritional requirement needed by your body. There are times that you already forgot to eat your dinner because you are already tired from work all you want to do is to have rest. It is essential to have simple healthy food recipe for dinner in order for you to have the chance to eat a guaranteed foods that are good for your health.

At home you have your cookbooks that you feel like these are already ornament. Foods are great and pretty cool to look at that you want to try to know how to cook and prepare it but actually these are now useless if you try to pick a meal that was being served on the table. To think, with your hectic schedules you cannot even do it at all. With little time you can find or try other ways on how to make it simple and fast for you to cook food. Healthy food recipes that are great can be compiled that would be easy to do for friendly dishes, simple suppers and family meals.

One of type of healthy food recipe that is really a nutritious one is a veggie meal. You can have this as a source of protein that will give you more idea to know more other recipes with regards to a healthy diet. Why not try a vegetable lasagna recipe. This is a kind of vegetarian lasagna that is best once you have tasted it. This can be done by placing the vegetables into the oven for it to be roasted and bring out smoky, rich flavors and this dish is much appealing. It is a good choice for everybody or guest on dinner time.

Ingredients to be prepared are lasagna sheets, 2 zucchini, 1 eggplant, 1 red pepper, 1 white or red onion, small bunch of fresh basil, 2/3 cup/75g/30z grater mozzarella, 1/3 cup/50g grated parmesan, 3 cups/600g of cottage cheese, olive oil, and 500g/pound or fresh potatoes. Method in doing this begins by having the vegetables roasted, and then tosses the courgette and eggplant in the roasting container with the, garlic, onion, tomatoes, and pepper. Add olive oil 3 tablespoons and then season it with salt pepper and you must stir it well.

Next thing to do is for you place it in a hot oven in the degree of 200c/400F in one hour until the vegetables are starting to brown and very soft. You then remove the cooked vegetables from the oven and stir in the basil and olives. After doing so you can now start the vegetarian lasagna. Put one-third mixture of the vegetable at the base of a baking dish, with one-third of mozzarella being covered and now the lasagna sheets then add a layer of cottage cheese. Just repeat this layer pattern and finish it with a layer of cheese together with parmesan to be sprinkled. Lastly baked it for thirty minutes until it becomes golden you then now can enjoy the healthy food recipe.

How to Make the Best Dinner Party Planning For the Event

In any kind of party or celebration, you may find that food is one of the reasons why you’re attending one. So, if you are to organize your own party, you need to be able to come up with the best dinner party planning so that you and your guests will enjoy the event even more. Now, what are the things that you need to consider?

The first thing that you need to look at is the type of party that you’ll be holding. Keep in mind that the food you’re going to serve would depend on the party’s motif. Your party food ideas therefore would come from the type of crowd that you’ll be catering to. One of the best ideas that you can come up with is serving finger foods to your guests. These foods are much easier to consume, and that’s why you should never forget having these on your menu.

Prepare as many appetizers as you can so that your guests will be able to enjoy as much food as they want. As for the other foods, you can serve the all-time favorites which include pasta, grilled pork, salad, steak and sandwiches. Also, never forget the desserts, as your guests would really enjoy eating these after having taken a full meal.

Another thing that you need to consider is preparing food that will not affect an individual’s diet. You need to make sure that what you’re serving to your guests is not that much harmful to their diet. You can prepare a balanced choice of foods, those that can be found on nutritional charts. Doing this will guarantee you that your guests will really enjoy the foods that you’ll be serving them, including the vegetarians. Now, if you will be catering to kids, you can take the food suggestions coming from the parents of your guests. Have them list every kind of food that could cause allergy to their young ones so as to prevent any issues with the foods that will be served in the event.

Now that you have a lot of party food ideas in mind with your dinner party planning, you should also consider the budget that you have for the event, and then see if everything fits. If it doesn’t, then you can resolve it by eliminating those foods that may seem redundant on your list. For further information, you can always go online and search for more affordable food ideas for your party.